Sumanasa Pixie

For as long as i can remember i have been inspired to create. i am grateful for every day that i have been given this gift as an artist. 

Living in Santa Cruz CA and traveling up and down this beautiful coast,

meeting new people, and sharing my art enhances my everyday inspirations.

I work in several mediums, always incorporating the treasures that i gather in my travels.

So many of my ideas come from my beautiful organic garden that i passionately cultivate right outside my studio. The flowers, leaves, their color and shapes all draw me into magical new vision and creations.

The birds, bees, butterflies and other garden dwellers inspire as well.

Pranams to my Guru Sri Lakshmi Devi Kaliji ~*~ who inspires my life. It is Kaliji who gave me the name "Sumanasa" which means "flower mind".  i am certified to teach her yoga method, TriYoga ...the Art & Science of Yogaflow (


i taught at the local TriYoga Center for many years. Today i am full time Fairies Welcome artist, so i offer service work at the Center planting and caring for the flower beds, and creating flower arrangements for special events.


Yogini Kaliji, founder TriYoga               posture photo by Juli Loupe

And last but not least, i am an undying fan of legendary music artist Jerry Garcia & The Grateful Dead band.  I even make jewelry of Jerry's photographs.


Thank you for reading my story!   If there is anything i can do to help you find or create the Fairy wishes you are looking for,

please contact me


With Pixie smiles and hugs,